Activities & Places To See - Alpaca yurt glamping in grounds of Manor House
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Discover Worcestershire

The peaceful Worcestershire countryside provides the perfect setting for a relaxed and stress-free holiday.

Enjoy the beautiful countryside in Worcestershire, explore Beacon Hill Castle, hike Clent Hills with a unique The Four Stones on the top, visit beautiful gardens at Hanbury Hall. Fancy city attractions? Head to Birmingham and visit Cadbury World and many others! Barnes Close is a hidden gem that was found by the Cadbury family as a holiday destination and has much to satisfy a diverse range of tastes. There is far too much to list, but we’ll try!


Worcestershire is a popular tourist attraction and has much to satisfy a diverse range of tastes. Below are our top favorite activities. More information can be found at the Worcester Tourist Information Centre.

Beacon Hill Toposcope & Beacon Hill Castle

An ancient location with magnificent views and a modern castle. Located just 3 miles from our glamping site. The views from the toposcope are considered some of the best in the county!

The castle is a monument to commemorate the gift of Beacon Hill to the people of Birmingham and Worcestershire.  As one of the highest points for miles around was part of a historic network of beacons that would signal the arrival of invading armies. It was used again during WWII by air raid wardens and the ROC to look out for enemy planes heading towards Birmingham and the nearby factories of Longbridge.

The land was bought by the Cadbury (chocolate) family in 1907 who then passed it over to the City of Birmingham.

Beacon Hill Castle has been and remains a popular site for UFO spotters who claim to have seen triangular-shaped craft pass over the hill.

The Four Stones at Clent Hills

The Four Stones can be found at the top of the Clent Hills. The hills are located only 3.9 miles from our glamping site.

The Four Stones appear to be a megalithic site from prehistory. With magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and seemingly aligned with the setting sun they exude an aura of ancient mystery. It, therefore, comes as a surprise when people find out that that this mystical site was actually erected around 1763 by workers of the eccentric landowner – George, Lord Lyttleton of Hagley Hall.

It is a steep walk to reach the Four Stones and sensible footwear is recommended as the paths are largely made of compressed earth and can get both muddy and slippery. There are three car parks nearby. The closest is to the east of the hill on St Kenehelm’s Pass Lane but this is also the steepest approach.

Main Source of the River Rea

Our glampsite has superb access to a public footpath, which leads to the historical landmark – Main Source of the River Rea.

Just 15 mins walk and you will reach Wasley hills with spectacular views of Worcestershire countryside.

There is a whole walking path adventure you can take with different lengths to walk. You do not get bored for sure, there is also plenty of parliament with a café and a small playground.

Eating & Drinking Out

The surrounding area has a high number of very good restaurants and there are many cafes and old world pubs to enjoy. Here few of our favorites: next to the blue lagoon

Cadbury World

The famous chocolate Cadbury World is located just 20 min by car from our place.
‘There’s so much to see and do for the whole family. From learning how your favourite confectionery is made and uncovering the fascinating story of Cadbury chocolate, to playing in chocolate rain and adding your favourite treat to a delicious pot of warm liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk. You’ll discover the origins of the cocoa bean amidst trees and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle, before jumping on board the magical Cadabra ride and visiting the 4D Chocolate Adventure zone, a 4D cinema experience featuring Cadbury’s most popular characters. A visit to Cadbury World is not a factory tour. Cadbury World is located on the grounds of the original Cadbury factory, but isn’t a tour of the factory itself.” – From Cadbury World


Our Tipis and Yurts offer a truly unique glamping experience.

So be sure to book your place today. Reserve your spot right now!